Electrical Troubleshooting for your Residence

We can inspect your electrical in the whole house to make sure there's no trouble for the future. It's happened to many of us - we put a plug in a socket and poof! There's a flash and smoke coming out of the socket before darkness. You tripped a fuse because you had a bad connection in the socket that created a short in the system. Don't let it come to that. Call us at Surge Electric Inc., and we will search out the problems in you homes electrical wiring.

Upgrade your outlets and switches

Most savvy homeowners know how important safety is. Fitting carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and smoke alarms can ensure that you and your family stay protected all year round. You may not be aware of the need for upgraded outlets and switches to maintain residential safety, that’s where we come into play, your Residential Electricians.

Using the right kind of hardware can, not only make your house safer, but can also add a touch of style and design finesse inside your home. Newer outlets greatly reduce the risks of electrical fires.

Some newer outlets and switches have design elements that automatically reduce power when there is a danger of shorting out. Some truly innovative designs can now mean your boring old switches will now be turning heads.

Our suppliers stock a huge range of switches and outlets which can match a homeowner’s specific taste.

At Surge Electric Inc. we’re big on saving energy, and purchasing new electrical accessories can also save tons of power. With the aid of new technologies, homeowners can even program certain switches to give out as much power as they deem necessary, at any given time.

A switch or outlet upgrade with Surge Electric Inc. can help save you money and energy output, as well as adding an innovative, stylish touch to your home décor. 

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

We can plan, design and install your outdoor lighting, assisting you to find and install the right lighting to accent your landscaping and entries. Frame your walkways, point out the focal point of your garden, showcase large trees, arbors and more…

Let’s not forget outdoor security lighting, so you can see where you’re going or who’s coming. Use outdoor lighting turned on by a motion sensor for both convenience and security.

Need Lighting fixtures installed?

From recessed lighting, accent lighting, ceiling fans, lighting rails, switches,dimmers and much more, we set you up with exactly what you want.

We can totally rewire older houses to bring them up to current code or help you with integrating a room addition.